Michael Sheen and Rachel take love to Wales

Monday April 9, 2012

Hollywood actor Michael Sheen has brought a bit of silver screen magic to his hometown in Wales during the world premiere of his latest film.

The star arrived on the red carpet at a cinema in Port Talbot along with girlfriend Rachel McAdams to watch the first screening of The Gospel Of Us.

But despite having made a name for himself in Tinseltown, Michael, who arrived in a taxi from a local cab firm, has not forgotten his roots.

The Gospel Of Us is the film version of the ambitious and epic three-day play The Passion, which is a modern take on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Featuring a cast of more than a 1,000 and an audience of 15,000, the play turned out to be an unlikely hit and grabbed attention from across the globe.

So Michael said it was fitting for the film version to be shown on Easter Sunday in the Welsh steel town that helped forge his success as an actor.

He said: "It's my home. It what shaped me and made me who I am. It's what I created and made my dreams. The people here have been so supportive over my life and helped me do everything that I've done.

"I've always felt me coming back is like re-charging my batteries. There's so much potential here. Everything I've given back to the town I've had it first in spades.

"But we had no idea how big The Passion was going to be. It was on epic scale, we had no idea how many people would turn up.

"I think the latest estimation was 15,000 people came to watch it by the end of it. We could never have guessed that it was going to have such an effect - even on people from right across the world."

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  • Michael Sheen and Rachel take love to Wales

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