Helen George could be a real midwife

Thursday May 9, 2013

Helen George reckons her role in Call The Midwife has given her the skills to deliver a baby for real.

The star of the hit BBC One series told The Sun she'd be confident helping women in real life labour.

She said: "I totally think I could deliver a baby.

"I haven't tried it for real yet but I really want to give it a go - so anyone who is willing to let me try, please let me know.

"I'd be like, 'It's all right, the midwife is here'. I want to try it just to say I've done it for real."

Helen, who plays Nurse Trixie Franklin in the drama, said she's already been putting her skills into practice.

"You can tell how old a baby is by the size of the bump so with my pregnant friends I try and have a prod around," she said. "But I am used to prosthetic bumps on set so it's slightly different in real life."

Helen says the programme has made her "really scared" about the prospect of giving birth, adding: "I would never give birth 1950s style - give me the gas and air and epidural, thank you very much!"

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  • Helen George could be a real midwife

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