Anthony Worrall Thompson gets help after shoplifting

Tuesday January 10, 2012

Celebrity chef Anthony Worrall Thompson has said he will start treatment following his arrest for shoplifting cheese and wine from Tesco.

The 60-year-old, who is a food writer for the newspaper, said he wondered whether he had taken the items as a cry for help after being under "incredible stress".

He said: "We've moved home, which is stressful and it means I have to take two hours of every day driving to the restaurant and back. But I can't really blame that.

"There have been other things, including the funerals of a couple of close friends. I've had health problems too and have given up smoking and I've been anaemic so I'm more tired than usual.

But he insisted he did not really want to blame his actions on stress.

He added that he hoped a psychoanalyst would help him discover what sent him "over the edge" and said he expected to be severely criticised for his conduct.

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