Astrologer predicts another baby for William and Kate

Friday January 10, 2014

Astrologer Russell Grant has revealed that there could be news about another royal baby as early as this year.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, Russell said that it is difficult to combine Wiliam and Kate's two charts but that he believes there will be "one more baby, and we could even hear about that in the next year to 18 months."

Russell has previously forecast a "vitality for life" and "a sense of purpose" for William and Kate's son Prince George, who was born on 22 July last year.

He has also predicted that the Duke would "find his niche" at Cambridge University, where he has started a ten-week course in agricultural management.

"He has Venus and Taurus, and that is so lovely for 'loving the land'," said Russell after looking at Prince William's chart. "As we're coming up to a new moon very very shortly - 16th January - this is a brand new star and a fresh new beginning for him."

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  • Astrologer predicts another baby for William and Kate

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