Kian Egan and wife Jodi help man propose after 27 years

Monday February 10, 2014

Westlife heartthrob Kian Egan and his beautiful wife Jodi Albert were on hand to help a man propose to his long-term partner of 27 years.

Acting as Cupid on ITV's Daybreak, Kian and Jodi made sure that Del Farnsworth's proposal to the mother of his two children Donna went to plan.

Live on national television, Del popped the question and surprised his bride-to-be, who had just told Kian and Jodi that her partner wasn't usually romantic or into big public gestures of affection. Donna said "yes" straight away, with tears in her eyes.

"Do you not want to think about it?" joked Del, who then surprised his future wife further by revealing that they would be flying off to Las Vegas to get married on Friday.

"It's surreal, I can't believe it," Donna told Kian and Jodi. "I've waited long enough!"

Donna had always wanted to get married but after years of waiting, she had all but given up; she even had her name changed by Deed Poll because she wanted the same surname as her partner and children.

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  • Kian Egan and wife Jodi help man propose after 27 years

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