Susan Boyle's cousin tries her luck on BGT

Monday May 10, 2010

Amanda Holden recently said there wouldn't be another 'Susan Boyle moment' on Britain's Got Talent for another decade.

But the ITV talent show certainly came close this weekend, after an episode showing Susan's second cousin hit the screens.

Kerry-Anne Boyle appeared to share her relative's songbird sound but revealed she'd never actually met the Wild Horses star.

The 23-year-old's audition wasn't quite up to the standard of that of her cousin, however, after she received mixed feedback from the judges.

While she failed to convince Simon Cowell of her talent, Piers Morgan said she gave "an incredibly good performance".

"I don't care who's cousin you are. You stand alone as a good singer," said judge Amanda Holden.

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  • Susan Boyle's cousin tries her luck on BGT

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