David Hasselhoff: Hayley keeps me out of trouble

Thursday May 10, 2012

David Hasselhoff has credited girlfriend Hayley Roberts with keeping him out of trouble.

The Baywatch actor, 59, said he was touched that Hayley, 32, had chosen to share his life with him, as things can get lonely on the road, "and that's when trouble begins".

David and Hayley – a former shop worker from Cardiff – first met last year while he was in the Welsh capital judging Britain's Got Talent auditions.

Since then, he has proposed several times at locations including Cape Town and Victoria Falls, but she is yet to accept.

"My surprises are big - charging elephants and Sydney Harbour Bridge and Victoria Falls and Zimbabwe and Austria and Germany and Switzerland and France,” he said.

"And I don't say that to try and be egotistical, I say it because I say, 'Please share my life with me'.

"It's a really amazing, great life which involves the whole world, which involves a lot of jet lag, but she's chosen to go with me and I find that very romantic.

"Because if I didn't have anybody to share it with, it's a rough life.

"That's why so many celebrities, when their concerts are over, they go back their room and there's nobody there and that's when trouble begins."

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  • David Hasselhoff: Hayley keeps me out of trouble

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