Queen awards MBE to milkman dressed as cow

Thursday June 10, 2010

On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth presided over rather more 'amoosing' investiture ceremony than than usual.

Milkman Tony Fowler of Leicestershire paid homage to his favourite animal by dressing in a black and white suit that resembled a Fresian cow as he met the monarch.

The milkman, who was awarded the MBE for helping police officers catch criminals, said he wanted to "do something different" and thought the Queen was amused by his unique ensemble, though palace officials tried to persuade him to dress more conservatively.

"I know she has a dairy at Windsor and asked if I could join her herd, but she said that wouldn't be possible because her cows are Jerseys and I was a Friesian," said Tony.

Photo: © Getty

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  • Queen awards MBE to milkman dressed as cow

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