Brad Pitt's brother Doug on the fame game

Tuesday July 10, 2012

The latest internet video sensation stars one of Hollywood's most well known names.

Closer inspection of the leading man's chiselled jaw, and lilting U.S drawl reveals not Brad Pitt , but his little brother Doug, working the cameras.

The lesser known Pitt has now spoken out about his turn in a humorous advert for Virgin Mobile Australia, revealing Brad gave him the thumbs-up for the campaign.

"He's been in this game for 25 years and I've never stepped in," he told NBC Today's Matt Lauer in an interview.

"But when this came along I did call him and said: 'Whaddya think?' and he said 'Do it! It sounds great.' "

During the clip – which has racked up around 200,000 views – the actor's sibling is followed by cameras as they trail him round his anonymous, suburban life.

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Photo: © Rex

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  • Brad Pitt's brother Doug on the fame game

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