Russell Brand 'lusts after me' says Vanessa Feltz

Friday September 10, 2010

Having to deal with over zealous fans is a price many celebs pay for fame, but Vanessa Feltz didn’t seem to be phased by a recent 'kerfuffle'.

When the TV presenter was evicted from Big Brother on Wednesday, a man rushed at her but fortunately was dragged off by security before he got too close.

Always cool in a crisis, however, the 48-year-old took the stunt in good humour.

“Some chap made a break for me”, she said. “He had lovely long hair and my immediate thought was it was Russell Brand”

Making light of the situation, Vanessa continued, “He’s been lusting after me for years. Clearly he needs a real woman!”

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  • Russell Brand 'lusts after me' says Vanessa Feltz

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