Jane Fonda reveals secrets behind ageless beauty

Tuesday November 10, 2009

She may have hung up her leotard a while ago, but 71-year-old fitness guru Jane Fonda still looks amazing.

And what's her secret to still looking good after all these years?

"I owe 30 per cent to genes, 30 per cent to good sex, 30 per cent because of sports and healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition," explains the Sixties icon.

"And for the remaining 10 per cent, I have to thank my plastic surgeon," she confessed.

Despite her appeal as Hollywood sex symbol in 1968 film Barbarella and her finely toned leotard clad body in the Jane Fonda Workout videos, she admits that now, she's the happiest she's ever been.

"I understand life better. I don't want to be young again," she says.

Speaking of her knee, hip and spinal surgeries, the 71-year-old added: " I had to have it all repaired because I want to climb the Himalayas. And at 8,000 metres, my body has to run smoothly."

The star is planning to marry for a fourth time to music executive Richard Perry, 67.

Photo: © Rex

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