Anne Hathaway: 'Susan Boyle video cheers me up'

Monday December 10, 2012

Anne Hathaway has revealed that she watches Susan Boyle's audition tape to cheer her up when she's having a bad day. 

Susan carved a name for herself by performing a version of Les Miserables' I Dreamed A Dream.

Shocking the judges in her Britain's Got Talent audition, the unlikely songstress went on to  receive global acclaim.

Sourcing inspiration from the performance, Anne, who stars in the new Les Miserables film, said: "Before I knew that I was going to play Fantine, I used to watch that clip when I was having a low day. It made me feel so wonderful.

"The other thing that's also fun is to watch Simon Cowell's mind racing as both a producer and an adding machine. I just love that clip."

The actress, who describes herself as a "musical theatre geek" said she couldn't wait to perform the iconic song.

"I'd never sung on film live before and that was a really new thing to wrap my head around because I'm a musical theatre geek and so I've been taking classes since I was very young and I'm used to song interpretation and telling a story through song that resonated with however big the audience is that you're playing to," she said.

"But the language of film is totally different so it was really exciting to take this iconic song that is so beloved and find a way to put it through the prism of film.

"That meant going very deep inside myself to some uncomfortable places but that's what we do and those are the jobs you remember and the ones that make you grow."

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