Crisis rumours surround marriage of Prince Laurent

Thursday February 11, 2010

Prince Laurent of Belgium's marriage to his British-born wife Princess Claire is reportedly in trouble.

According to sources consulted by Belgian magazine Story, the couple - who wed in April 2003 - will publicly announce their separation within weeks.

The publication states the princess feels overwhelmed by her husband's bouts of depression and his mood changes. She was also said to be unhappy about his low involvement in domestic matters.

Speculation about a serious marital crisis is not new. Rumours surfaced in November when mum-of-three Claire didn't attend the King's Day celebrations.

The explanation for her absence was that it wouldn't have been possible to find a nanny for her children to time - a justification that was debated by the Belgian press.

Another sign that would suggest problems for the royal couple is the frequent visits that princess makes to the home of her parents, without the company of her husband.

However the couple's good friend Guy Gilbert - the priest who married them - insists that all is well between them.

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  • Crisis rumours surround marriage of Prince Laurent

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