Matthew Broderick reveals son's excitement over sisters

Monday May 11, 2009

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's son James Wilkie cannot wait to be a big brother to the couple's surrogate twin girls when they arrive this summer, reveals the Stepford Wives star.

"He's pretty excited," says 47-year-old Matthew - pictured scooting his son to school in New York. The six-year-old has already been thinking of ways to welcome his new siblings, dad reports. "He said 'We have to get lots of princess toys'," Matthew told David Letterman during a Friday appearance on the US chat show.

He also explained the expansion of the Broderick-Parker household might take a little getting used to. "Oh man, I'm so nervous just even thinking about it," Matthew said in what was his first interview since he and his Sex And The City wife announced they were having twins wtih the help of a surrogate.

"I've asked people, 'What's it like to have twins?'" he said. "One father said, 'I don't recommend it', but the rest have been very positive"



Photo: © Rex

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  • Matthew Broderick reveals son's excitement over sisters

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