Kim Cattrall: 'I'll never marry again'

Tuesday May 11, 2010

It seems there is more of a likeness than originally thought, between Kim Cattrall and her Sex and the City character.

While Samantha Jones is yet to settle down and tie the knot, it seems actress Kim is following a similar path.

Kim - who has been married three times and split from her last husband, Mark Levinson, in 2004 after six years together - insists she won't be walking down the aisle again.

"I'll never marry again. I don't want children. I am self-sufficient," says the 53-year-old. 

"If I decide to spend time with someone then I will. If marriage means something to someone else then I guess it could be a negotiated point. But I really don't feel it's necessary."

Kim is due to hit screens when the second Sex and the City movie is released next month.

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  • Kim Cattrall: 'I'll never marry again'

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