Posh accidently reveals results of undies ad workouts

Thursday June 11, 2009

Having worked incredibly hard to tone up for recent underwear shoots for an Armani ad campaign, Victoria Beckham accidently showed off rather more of the results than she bargained for when she stepped out in a sheer black top this week. As the waiting photographers' flash bulbs popped, the Spice Girl's svelte silhouette was clearly visible when she left her London hotel.

Victoria has always had a great figure, but she says that prior to signing up to appear in the undies ads with husband David Beckham, she wasn't a gym person. "But if you're going to be photographed in your bra and knickers you want to look as good as you can," she confessed after inking the deal.

"I started running four to five miles every day, and focused on eating healthily," she reveals. "I still work out every day. I drop the kids at school, and from the school I go to the gym and do the miles on the treadmill… As a 35-year-old mother of three, I'm looking okay,"

She added: "I have worked hard. And if you are going to agree to be photographed in underwear you have to put the hours in so when you turn up on the day and take off your robe you feel confident that you can do the job."

Photo: Rex

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  • Posh accidently reveals results of undies ad workouts

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