Brad Pitt: Big Hollywood salaries 'don't work now'

Tuesday September 11, 2012

In the current economic climate, it seems that actors can no longer get away with demanding eight-figure salaries.

Or so says actor Brad Pitt, who has an estimated wealth of $25m (£16m).

Angelina's other half believes that the industry can no longer afford to cater for such salary demands.

He said: "The arithmetic doesn't really work right now... the deal's not flying these days."

When asked about the current state of Hollywood, the actor did see some positives in the industry.

He said: "A lot of studios are challenged because of the economic downturn  as well so they've been betting on bigger, more tent pole kinds of things."

He added: "At the same time, that opens up a vacuum for really interesting new filmmakers to come in."

Jude Law only requests $20m (£12.5m)  for roles in special circumstances.

He said: "There are certain films where the only way to make them go away was to just keep raising the fee, and eventually they go 'oh we can't pay you that much!' and then they go away."

Tom Cruise currently tops the Forbes 2012 list, with an estimated annual salary of $75m (£47m).    

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  • Brad Pitt: Big Hollywood salaries 'don't work now'

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