Relatives prepare rescue party for Chilean miners

Monday October 11, 2010

The 33 men trapped in a Chilean mine since August 5 are now days away from rescue.

A 2,050 foot-long escape shaft built by emergency teams reached them at the weekend.

The breakthrough sparked national rejoicing and a visit from the country's first lady Cecilia Morel Montes.

Meanwhile, their relatives camped outside the mine at Copiapo in the Atacama Desert are preparing a huge rescue party to celebrate.

The shaft must be reinforced before an operation to bring them to the surface gets underway - probably on Wednesday.

They have hired a lawyer to draw up a joint contract for media deals.

This is intented to ensure they will profit equally from the lucrative deals they expect to secure for sharing the story of their two month ordeal.

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  • Relatives prepare rescue party for Chilean miners

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