Heiress Petra Ecclestone: 'James supports himself'

Tuesday October 11, 2011

Petra Ecclestone, the youngest daughter of F1 tycoon Bernie Ecclestone and Croatian supermodel Slavica, has revealed her new business venture.

The stylish lady - whose designer shoe collection is so vast that “every three to four months I ship a whole load over to Croatia for charity” - is turning her love of fashion into an occupation.

She has created a line of 35 handbags titled Stark, and has the full support of husband James Stunt, who she married last month in a lavish £5 million ceremony.

Since they met on a blind date five years ago, the clearly smitten couple have made a conscious effort “never to spend a night apart”, she told the Daily Telegraph.

And Petra, who has been dubbed the 'British Paris Hilton', is steadfastly certain that art dealer James does not see money as motivation for being with the billionaire heiress.

“You can always tell,” she said firmly. “It’s obvious if a guy wants to use you to become famous, and James doesn’t.

“And he can support himself, which makes life easier. If we go on holiday, he pays, so I don’t have to lug him around and pay for him."

Photo: © Rex

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