Dinosaur skulls and fast cars: Nic Cage's exotic buys

Wednesday November 11, 2009

Financially it has been a very difficult year for Nicolas Cage.

The actor has been forced to sell most of his property portofolio and recently took action to sue his business manager.

It's now emerged the 45-year-old has made some extravagant purchases over the years; many of which have now been sold, are for sale or in foreclosure.

Among the expenditures is a dinosaur skull Nicolas reportedly outbid Leonardo DiCaprio to own, paying out $276,000, around £165,000.

One of his homes – in Bel Air – features a billiard room with a 1955 Jaguar car parked inside it. According to New York Magazine the room is also home to an array of shrunken heads.

And out of his 50 cars, the most Nicolas paid was $495,000 for a Lamborghini believed to have been formerly owned by the Shah of Iran.

He is also reported to have hired an "on set drinking consultant poet" to help him portray an alcoholic for his Oscar-winning role in Leaving Las Vegas.

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  • Dinosaur skulls and fast cars: Nic Cage's exotic buys

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