Shakin' Stevens in court over assault charge

Friday December 11, 2009

It's the time of year to sing along with his legendary Merry Christmas Everyone tune, but it's not been a particularly jolly season for singer Shakin' Stevens so far.

The pop star, real name Michael Barrett, was in court on Wednesday facing charges of assault after an alleged conflict with a paparazzi member.

Photographer Hugh McNeice claims the singer, 61, pushed his microphone stand into his camera as he took pictures of him performing at a concert last December.

'Shaky' told the court he is "100% definitely sure" he didn't touch the photographer or his camera.

"I am not annoyed, I am frustrated when you think that one man can cause this mess and cost thousands and thousands of pounds, and thinks it is all a big joke," he told the judge.

He explained that a sign had been erected at the concert in question, telling the audience that photographs were not permitted.

He said if he had "not stopped him he would have continued taking terrible photographs" and that he had lifted the microphone stand on "the spur of the moment".  

Photo: PA

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  • Shakin' Stevens in court over assault charge

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