Matthew Broderick's turn to show off twins

Tuesday January 12, 2010

Less than a month after Sarah Jessica Parker showed off her twin girls Marion and Tabitha on American TV, it was husband Matthew Broderick's turn.

The proud dad gave fans an update as he was interviewed on Ellen DeGeneres' chat chow this week.

Matthew couldn't stop smiling as Ellen flashed a picture of the adorable tots, who were born by a surrogate in June.

"They're incredibly cute. They're bigger than that now. I think they're about four-months-old here," he said.

Matthew recently told Parade magazine: "They sleep through the night now. And, basically, they're very easy to take care of.

"But they had colds over Christmas and they would wake up every two hours coughing.

"It's really hard because one would hear the other cry and start crying too, so that was absolutely exhausting.

"But I won't lie, we have plenty of help because you can't really handle them alone."

Photo: © The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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