Katie Price replaces Lindsay Lohan as Opera ball star

Friday February 12, 2010

All of Katie Price's princess fantasies must have come true as the model joined high society at Vienna's glamorous Opera ball this week.

The recently-married model was suitably attired - in a fairytale baby blue ballgown - for the annual dance, which attracts the cream of high society to the Austrian capital.

And she was the centre of attention after the event's other high profile guest Lindsay Lohan couldn't make it.

The Mean Girls star was offered $150,000 to be the guest of Austrian tycoon Richard Lugner, who hires a different celebrity lady to attend each year.

Katie meanwhile was invited by another group of Austrian socialites and became the only celeb in attendance after Lindsay suffered a mishap.

The Hollywood actress apparently arrived two hours late to board her private jet and didn't have enough funds on her credit card to pay the $14,000 for delaying the flight.

Photo: Rex

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  • Katie Price replaces Lindsay Lohan as Opera ball star

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