Lady Gaga's style leads to body search at Heathrow

Friday March 12, 2010

While her fans across the globe love Lady Gaga's eccentric outfits, it seems her outrageous ensembles don't go down quite so well with airport staff.

When the singer turned up at London's Heathrow airport, her face hidden beneath a sheer veil, security requested she remove the item for identification purposes.

However, the fashionista reportedly refused to uncover her face - resulting in her being escorted into a private room, where she underwent a full body search.

The Telephone singer was released 15 minutes later and proceeded to board her flight to Los Angeles.

It's not the first travel mishap for the star in recent days. Concerned cabin crew advised her to remove her Alexander McQueen shoes on a flight earlier this week, after her restrictive attire apparently brought on the early stages of deep vein thrombosis.

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  • Lady Gaga's style leads to body search at Heathrow

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