Cash-strapped Duchess of York makes staff redundant

Monday July 12, 2010

With her financial situation making life difficult, the Duchess of York has made the step of parting company with her seven full time staff.

She has had to let go her driver and several assistants who have worked for her for the last decade.

In the past month, she has also parted company with Kate Waddington, the PR consultant she's relied on for the last ten years.

In a statement the British royal thanked her staff.

"The Duchess of York confirms that all staff working with her were made redundant. The Duchess felt that this was the right thing to do given the circumstances.

"The Duchess went on to say that she is very grateful for the loyalty, kindness and support given to her by those working with her."

Prince Andrew will apparently be handling his ex-wife's affairs until she gets back on her feet. A spokesman for him said: "The Duke of York is very supportive of the Duchess during this difficult time."

The extent of Sarah's money worries became apparent in May when she was taped allegedly offering access to Prince Andrew in exchange for money.

She went on Oprah to apologise, saying she was "so out of control with desperation where I'd reached the point of no return". The 50-year-old royal admitted she was considering filing for banckruptcy after accumulating huge debts by living beyond her means.

She is now expected to concentrate on her business interests outside Britain.

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  • Cash-strapped Duchess of York makes staff redundant

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