Cat Deeley and Gordon Ramsay praise royal couple

Tuesday July 12, 2011

Cat Deeley and Gordon Ramsay were full of pride as they spoke about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's tour of the US.

Celebrity chef Gordon reckons royal newlyweds Kate and William, who were special guests at a dinner hosted by Bafta to aid young British talent in Los Angeles, are helping to give a good name to the UK.

"To have that kind of new image for the monarchy - it's a bit of a tough climate back in the UK at the moment, with the press, and they are flying the flag high.

"And it's great to see - and they are very glamorous as well," he said.

British stars like Gordon, Cat, Stephen Fry, Nigel Lythgoe and Piers Morgan mingled alongside Tinseltown's favourites like Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks, Blake Lively and Jack Black at the event.

"Kate has brought a whole level of attainability," said So You Think You Can Dance host Cat.

"It's very aspirational but she will wear clothes from the High Street, shake people's hands, be easy with her smiles, flip pancakes and chat to people.

"She can do it beautifully and with decorum." 

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