Kate and Will take the summer to 'just be newlyweds'

Tuesday July 12, 2011

After their wedding, honeymoon and whirlwind tour of North America, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plan to lay low for the rest of summer.

Kate recently told royal aides that she looks forward to "just being a newlywed."

The royal pair have no public engagements until the autumn. Even then, they only have one or two events a month until Christmas.

Because William is based in Anglesey as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, the two travelled there promptly after returning from their tour of Canada and Southern California.

A royal source has revealed that Kate "even joked that people will probably be glad to see the back of her given the number of photographs that have been taken over the past couple of weeks.

The insider added: "The Duke is going for his flying captaincy which he hopes to get in early 2012.
"He needs to keep up his flying hours and there are some exams to get through, a lot of work needs to done and he has to dedicate himself to that.

"They have not really lived together since their wedding and want to spend time together."

A St James spokesman also recently told the Daily Mail: "The Queen and the Prince of Wales are fully aware of their plan to go under the radar in the next few months and are very supportive of it.

"They have the rest of their lives to be public figures and working hard on behalf of the Queen and want to keep things on a level and enjoy their marriage.

Asked how the couple had enjoyed the tour, the spokesman added: "They think it has gone really well. They have just been on such a buzz every day, coming back full of stories - they’ve really enjoyed it."

Another royal aide insisted: "It was a big ask thrusting [Kate] into the limelight like that – particularly because she hasn’t had any training or experience at being a working royal - but she has just taken it all in her stride.

"She really has blown us all away."

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