Duchess' snail painting apparently worth thousands

Tuesday July 12, 2011

According to art expert Jeff Salmon, The Duchess of Cambridge doesn't need to keep her day job.

Kate and William visited the Inner-City Arts school in the Los Angeles area on the last day of their royal tour. The newest royal showed off her talent with a charming painting of a snail.

Of the painting, Jeff said: "Leonardo da Vinci is credited as being one of the only people able to draw a perfect circle, yet Kate's three circles are nearly perfect.

"This points to a confident, free-spirited nature. Kate's work is worth between £10,000 to £15,000.

"Had she written a witty remark, it could have fetched double or triple that."

The critic also reckons that "William's looks like a stretched person. "He could be saying that he won't be stretched like his mother was. It also looks like Di's - now Kate's - engagement ring."

Jeff Salmon is a dealer on the Channel 4 show Four Rooms, on every Tuesday at 8pm.

Photo: © Getty

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  • Duchess' snail painting apparently worth thousands

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