Jade Goody's mum to try and stop Jack seeing late star's boys

Wednesday August 12, 2009

Jackiey Budden, the mum of late reality star Jade Goody, is taking legal action to stop her son-in-law Jack Tweed from having access to his step-children, it has been reported. 

Following 22-year-old Jack's high-profile party lifestyle recently, Jackiey is launching a high court bid to stop him seeing Bobby, six, and Freddie, four, the Sun reports. 

She is said to have met with the boys' natural father Jeff Brazier, who takes care of them, to speak about getting an injunction to prevent Jack having any access.

"Jackiey is very concerned about Jack's current mental state. She wants him away from the kids," a source told the paper.

A friend of 30-year-old Jeff said: "Jeff doesn’t want to punish Jack…He just feels Jack is a bit lost at the moment, very confused and very lonely. It is a sad time."

Before her death in March, Jade inserted a clause into her will allowing Jack access to her two sons.

Her will is due to be published on September 26, and it is thought that Jack will inherit the couple's matching his and hers Porsches and furniture from their Upshire home.

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  • Jade Goody's mum to try and stop Jack seeing late star's boys

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