British blonde is expecting Kelsey Grammer's baby

Thursday August 12, 2010

The mystery lady seen by the side of Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has been named – and what's more, it has been confirmed that she is pregnant with his fifth child.

It is not known exactly how 26-year-old airhostess Kayte Walsh - who works for Virgin Atlantic - met Kelsey, 55, but her father has said she is expecting his baby.

Speaking from his home, Mr Walsh told the Daily Mail that his daughter had simply "hit it off" with the US actor.

"I don't know how long they have been together and I have not met him yet, but I'm looking forward to it," he said. "We just found out about her pregnancy a couple of days ago."

Kelsey filed for divorce from his third wife, former Playboy model Camille Donatacci on July 1. She is seeking primary custody of their eight-year-old daughter Mason, and son Jude, who is five.

His first marriage was to dance instructor Doreen Alderman – from 1982 to 1990 –and they had a daughter Spencer together who is now 26.

During his second marriage to Leigh-Anne Csuhany he fathered a daughter out of wedlock with stylist Barrie Buckner. Their daughter Greer Kandace is 18.

Photo: © Rex

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