Roger Moore's first wife hit him with teapot

Wednesday September 12, 2012

James Bond star Sir Roger Moore was a victim of domestic violence in his first two marriages, according to reports.

His first marriage to skater Doorn Van Steyn was apparently often violent, and it has been claimed that she once threw a teapot at the actor.

He said: "She would scratch me. My mother was always petrified when I went home to see that I had more scars."

The star says that at one point his first wife even attacked the doctor that was once treating him.

He said: "I cut my hand open once and we went round to the local GP and she said to him 'Aren't you going to do anything?' and punched him.

"Which made a change, because normally she punched me."

The actor then went on to marry Dorothy Squires in 1953, who also attacked him.

Sir Roger told Piers Morgan, on show Piers Morgan's Life Stories that Dorothy once hit him on the head with a guitar.

The James Bond star is now happily married to Christina Tholstrup, 71, a Danish-Swedish socialite.

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