Ewan and Naomi turn into beach bums on set

Wednesday September 12, 2012

It seems that filming The Impossible was not as demanding as the title suggests.

Actors Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts enjoyed taking breaks from shooting at a beach bar in Thailand.

In order to deal with the gruelling storyline of portraying a family of tsunami victims in the 2004 disaster, the actors decided to make the most of their downtime.

Ewan said: "We were able to enjoy ourselves outside of the film - we had to really because it's quite a bleak subject matter."

"We were all in Thailand together and so on the evenings and weekends as a crew and cast we would hang out - we found this little beach bar called Memories we liked to hang out at."

Even with some respite, Ewan still found the scenes difficult to deal with.

He said: "We were walking a fine line in terms of making a film about the tsunami but always making a film about this family's story.

"We felt that was the way to be respectful. And that's what attracted me to the script, I felt it was a very honest and true piece of writing."

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  • Ewan and Naomi turn into beach bums on set

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