Dannii issues apology to 'X Factor' star Danyl Johnson

Monday October 12, 2009

X Factor judge Dannii Minogue has apologised after making comments to finalist Danyl Johnson in reference to his sexuality.

During Saturday's live show, Danyl, 27, gave a rendition of Jennifer Hudson's track I'm Telling You, which he adjusted to make it appear he was singing to a woman rather than a man. 

As she gave her feedback, Dannii said: "If we are to believe what we read in the papers, there was no need to switch the gender reference in that song."

Her words have sparked a backlash amongst fans of the show, and Dannii has spoken out to say she is "mortified" her words have been "misinterpreted".

After apologising on Sunday's programme, she followed up an official statement on her webpage with another personal apology accompanied by a photo of her with the teacher from Reading (pictured)

"It was meant to be a humorous moment about the fact he (Danyl) has an opportunity to have fun with his song," she wrote.

"Danyl and I were joking about the very same thing in rehearsals in Friday so it carried on to the show.

"I'd like to apologise to anyone that was offended by my comments, it was never my intention.

"I spoke to Danyl straight after the show last night and he wasn't offended or upset by my comments."

Photo: © Dannii Minogue

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  • Dannii issues apology to 'X Factor' star Danyl Johnson

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