Louis' 'X Factor' outburst: 'It's not all about you Cheryl'

Tuesday October 12, 2010

Could there actually be some truth in rumours about an X Factor spat between Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh?

Perhaps scenes from Saturday night's show could provide an answer.

Louis got hostile with the Geordie beauty when she implored him to give her contestant Katie Waissel a chance.

"I have an opinion. It’s not all about you, Cheryl!" he told her.

And things hadn't cooled down after the show, when The Xtra Factor presenter Konnie Huq asked him if Cheryl was upset.

"I don’t care! I’m not here to keep her happy," he told her.

According to The Daily Mail, Louis has been upset for weeks at what he perceives to be Cheryl's preferential treatment on the programme.

Whether the spat turns out to be real or just put on for the cameras remains to be seen, but there's one person who seems to be unconcerned by it all - X Factor boss Simon Cowell, who says he finds the whole thing "hilarious".

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  • Louis' 'X Factor' outburst: 'It's not all about you Cheryl'

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