'New Moon' stars 'stunned' by mass of London fans

Thursday November 12, 2009

He's always saying how unconvinced he is by his popularity, and Twilight actor Robert Pattinson was taken by surprise once again this week.

Attending a New Moon event at London's Battersea Park on Wednesday night, the actor was taken aback by thousands of fans, many of whom had been queuing since the early hours of the morning.

"We went to Japan earlier on in the year. There wasn't that much of a reaction - but last week when we went again, it suddenly exploded, the same as here," Robert says.

"I don't know how, it just explodes so quickly. It takes seven months to take hold - it's like a virus."

"I'm stunned - I knew it was going to be good, but this is amazing. The fans in London are surprising me... it's amazing to know we have this support behind us. It makes us feel like we're at home," says co-star Taylor Lautner. 

And Kristen Stewart, with whom Rob has been romantically linked on and off screen, also shared her delight at their British welcome.

"It's really exciting. I used to not know what to do with myself, but now I can actually enjoy it," she says.

Photo: © Getty Images

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  • 'New Moon' stars 'stunned' by mass of London fans

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