Queen's Facebook page attracts over 200,000 visitors

Thursday November 11, 2010

Proving she's au fait with the techno-savvy youth of today, the Queen and Buckingham Palace launched a Facebook account on Monday. 

The British royal is known to be a keen internet-user, and keeps in touch with her grandchildren via email.

Since the page was created, it has attracted over 200,000 approving visitors.

However, to prevent the Queen from being inundated with 'friends', the page is not a personal profile.

As a result fans wishing to follow the monarchy can indicate they 'like' entries and will receive updates about new pictures and videos through their news feeds.

A spokesman said: "The important thing about Facebook is its international reach, as the Queen is head of state in 16 countries."

Photo: © Facebook

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  • Queen's Facebook page attracts over 200,000 visitors

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