Duncan Bannatyne bids £5000 for Beatrice's hat

Friday May 13, 2011

Dragon's Den businessman Duncan Bannatyne has become the first person to bid for Princess Beatrice's royal wedding hat - which she is auctioning on Ebay.

The 62-year-old started the bid at £5000 within minutes of the creation going on the site.

All proceeds from the sale will go to children's charities Unicef and Children in Crisis.

He told the Daily Mail: "I'd encourage everyone to get bidding to raise as much money as possible - for once I don't mind if I don't walk away with the deal."

Princess Beatrice's choice of headgear has been the subject of much debate but the 22-year-old has taken it in her stride.

She told Grazia magazine: "I think it’s wonderful that it’s had a reaction, it is just a hat after all, and now it has got its own Facebook page and so many fans."

"It’s an incredible response to that hat really, I’m glad it provoked so much conversation."

Photo: © PA

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