Helen Mirren is Russell Brand's bearded lady

Tuesday July 13, 2010

Although he's the one sporting a fake beard for their new movie, prankster Russell Brand made sure co-star Helen Mirren got in on the act too.

On Monday Russell snapped a photo of the Oscar-winner in yellow sunglasses and fake facial hair and shared it with fans on Twitter.

The funnyman wrote, "Helen Mirren has been successfully corrupted. She is also now pregnant."

The joke was just one of many the two shared throughout the day on the New York set of Arthur, a remake of the Liza Minnelli and Dudley Moore film from 1981.

But such amusement at work is nothing new for the pair.

They previously worked together on The Tempest, and when filming finished up, the actress stole a pair of bright yellow underpants from her co-star.

She explains, "I grabbed them and said, 'Russell, I'm having those as my little memento of working with you.'"

Photo: © Twitter

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  • Helen Mirren is Russell Brand's bearded lady

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