Jamie Oliver: It's 'the right time' to leave Sainsbury's

Wednesday July 13, 2011

Jamie Oliver is ending his association with supermarket giant Sainsbury's after 11 years.

The food guru - whose deal with the firm is thought to be worth more than £1 million each year - has starred in more than 100 TV ads for the company.

Both Jamie and the company are said to have felt it was "the right time to move on".

The split is said to be "amicable" and the star is also seeking to spend more time working on various projects through his Jamie Oliver Foundation.

Jamie - who has also worked behind the scenes at the supermarket on its products - will bow out after Sainsbury's Christmas ad campaign.

He said: "It's been a fantastic 11 years and together we have achieved some great things.

"I've made some great friends at Sainsbury's and I know we'll still be talking for years to come.

"They've got some very good people, from the top right down to the shop floor."

His appearances on the company's commercials could make products instant best-sellers.

A 2005 ad in which he was seen grating nutmeg over a spaghetti dish meant weekly sales of the spice shot up by 400 per cent.

But despite his lucrative deal he could also be critical of the firm.

The chef once slated Sainsbury's for failing to field a representative when he was involved in a campaign to highlight the plight of battery hens.

Jamie - who earlier this month hosted his own music and food festival on London's Clapham Common - launches a new series about British food later this year.

Photo: © Rex

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