Kelly Osbourne determined to keep the streets safe

Wednesday July 13, 2011

Kelly Osbourne has turned into a one-woman crime-fighting machine.

After spotting two youths trying to break into the vehicle in her London neighbourhood, the TV star-turned-heroine said she decided to intervene.

"Just stopped 2 boys robbing a car. All I said was "Oi" and they ran like the wind. I did not realise I was that scary!" she tweeted.

But Kelly's crime-fighting spree didn't end there. She was also on the scene when, she claimed, two other boys attempted to tip an electric car over.

"Just stopped 2 boys ...trying to push... car on it's side," the 26-year-old said.

"What's wrong with London police? I'm in one of the poshest parts of London and it's like  Crimewatch!"

Kelly also tweeted to say that her mum Sharon had been reunited with her wedding ring, which was stolen in 2004.

It was one of the items featured in a Crimewatch appeal when police recovered over a million pounds worth of jewellery.

"Thank you Crimewatch. My mum is over the moon. That's her wedding ring - she cried with joy because she can get it back! Thank you!" she wrote.

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  • Kelly Osbourne determined to keep the streets safe

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