Vanessa Feltz gets £3,000 fine for noisy party

Friday August 13, 2010

The mother of the bride is usually prepared to shell out on her daughter’s wedding day, but Vanessa Feltz got a bill a bit earlier than expected.

The proud mother treated her daughter Allegra (pictured) to an engagement/birthday party at her North-West London home in March and has now been ordered to pay a £3,000 fine for “most inconsiderate noise breaches” during the all-weekend shindig.

Heeding neighbours’ complaints, noise patrol officers visited the residence on more than one occasion over the weekend to issue warnings, but the party continued unfettered.

Daughter Allegra, whose fiancé is French, has said of the party: “We had a marquee in the garden and about 100 guests. Half of them came over from France and it went on until about 4am – the French party hard!”

Vanessa has pleaded guilty to breaching council noise levels in the residential neighborhood and was ordered to pay the fine as well as a £15 “victim surcharge”.

Photo: © Rex

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