Gwyneth Paltrow: 'London girls dress so well'

Tuesday September 13, 2011

Last month a global survey named London fashion capital of the world for 2011. 

And Hollywood actress Gywneth Paltrow - who has lived in the city for nine years - is in agreement.

"I've always felt that London is the capital of style and street style" she said, talking to the Guardian.

"You see it filtered down into other cities later on, but I think the girls here dress so well, and there's always a twist or a little quirky thing.

"I always think I would never put that together, but when you see it on the girl you think wow - that's really clever."

But despite her love for the fashionable city, the mum-of-two is unsure about attending any of the London Fashion Week shows.

"It's a bit much," she said. "All the fashion shows - it's scary! They're so unruly in there."

The Global Language Monitor survey tracked the frequency of words and phrases across print, electronic and social media to put London in the number one spot.

New York had come out on top the previous year.

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