Gwyneth's pal Rosario living apart from Prince Kyril

Tuesday October 13, 2009

After supporting Madonna through her separation from Guy Ritchie, Gwyneth Paltrow's counselling skills will be called on once again.

Her close friend Rosario Nadal has been living separately from her husband of 20 years Prince Kyril of Bulgaria for some time, confirm sources close to his father King Simeon.

"We are sorry that the couple have decided to live separately and we hope they'll overcome the difficulties they're going through and reunite again," said the insider.

The revelation of marital troubles has shaken the European social circuit, where they are one of the most distinguished couples.

Former model and Valentino muse Rosario has three children with the prince - Mafalda, 15, Olimpia, 13 and Tassilo, seven.

Though it was known there were problems in the marriage following a previous crisis, this was thought to be in the past.

Not least because they'd recently bought a house in Majorca, the ancestral home of her family.

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