Apprentice's Raleigh quit over brother's Afghan injury

Wednesday October 13, 2010

A contestant on The Apprentice has revealed he quit the reality show after discovering that his brother had been injured in Afghanistan.

Raleigh Addington said there was "never any question" of staying on after hearing the news.

"At the start of the second task, I was contacted by the producer of the programme who told me that my mother was on the emergency number and I immediately feared the worst."

The 23-year-old was informed that Captain Ed Addington, 26, was injured in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan. He had suffered a collapsed lung, brain haemorrhage and multiple fractures.

"He was lucky to be alive," said Raleigh. "I walked out in a daze, not really being able to comprehend the gravity of the events.

"Lord Sugar gave me a call after I left to make sure my brother and family were ok – it was great to hear from him."

Five days after the attack, which took place in December, Ed was flown to a military hospital in Birmingham before being transferred to Headley Court military rehab centre.

"Raleigh was next to me as I woke up," said Ed, who is now mobile, aided by a walking stick.

"When I saw that he was there I was annoyed with him because I thought he had been fired from the first task!"

"He knows family comes first, but I truly believe that Lord Sugar lost his best apprentice that day."

Viewers will not see Raleigh's exit in this week's episode, in which the remaining contestants are tasked with developing a new beach accessory.

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  • Apprentice's Raleigh quit over brother's Afghan injury

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