Kate and William's daughter could be Queen

Thursday October 13, 2011

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have only so far said they are "looking forward to" having children, there is clearly much anticipation of a royal pregnancy.

So much so that British Prime Minister David Cameron has taken steps to resolve the issue of what would happen if William and Kate's first child should be a girl.

As the law stands now, if the couple welcomed a daughter but their second baby is a boy, their son would inherit the throne.

Mr Cameron said in the Commons this week: "It is an issue we ought to get sorted and I'd be delighted to play a role in doing that."

Details were also revealed of a letter he sent last month to 15 Commonwealth leaders in which the politician called the three-century-old law an "anomaly" that went against "gender equality".

Any changes must be sanctioned by other countries where the Queen is head of state.

Mr Cameron is also seeking to abolish the rule that prevents anyone marrying a Roman Catholic becoming monarch.

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  • Kate and William's daughter could be Queen

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