Denise Welch's wedding back on

Thursday March 14, 2013

Denise Welch has admitted that she did call off her wedding to her new man, but that the nuptials are back on.

The Loose Women star and former Coronation Street actress, 54, hit the headlines when she was pictured arguing with toyboy fiance Lincoln Townley, 40, outside a cafe.

She told The Sun that her "quick temper" was to blame for the public barney with Lincoln, who is also her manager.

"I'd asked Lincoln to email our wedding planner with the names of the children going and he hadn't. I just flipped. I shouted and stormed off," she said

"Then last weekend I went home looking for a chilled night out and Lincoln started talking about work projects he had found for me. I was tired so we rowed. I just didn't want to talk about work.

"Before I stormed out I told him, 'I can't do this any more. It's over'."

The star said that the pair reconciled two days later.

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