Slumdog Millionaire child star sees home demolished

Thursday May 14, 2009

The plastic sheet and bamboo stick shelter of Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, a real life slum dweller who starred in Oscar-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire, has been razed by local authorities. 

"They did not inform us. No notice was given," says Azharuddin's mother Samina Banu, about the demolition of the family's temporary home in the Bandra east slum outside Mumbai. 

"We are homeless, we have nowhere to go," her son told the BBC.   

The child star, who played the younger Salim in the film, was asleep when authorities turned up and asked them to leave. All the makeshift shelters were then demolished. The land upon which they stood is apparently earmarked for a public garden.   

Azharuddin's family, along with that of his co-star Rubina Ali, were promised new accommodation by the local housing authority, but a decision on whether they'll be rehoused is still to be made.   

Those behind the film have arranged for the children to be given and education and have recently donated £500,000 to a charity helping slum kids in Mumbai.

Photo: Getty Images

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  • Slumdog Millionaire child star sees home demolished

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