Cillian Murphy: Robert De Niro was 'sweet and warm'

Thursday June 14, 2012

Cillian Murphy has said he'll never forget his first scene with Robert De Niro.

The Irish actor appears alongside the Raging Bull star in new supernatural film Red Lights, and admitted he was nervous about sharing screen time with Hollywood royalty.

"It was amazing, I'll never forget it. I guess I was probably a bit scared at the beginning but when we got into the work he was so sweet and warm," he said.

"I think people like that are aware of the effect they have on younger actors and the sort of legacy that they have, so he was really generous. He's a man of few words, but we had a couple of nice dinners and if you're lucky enough to work with actors of that calibre, you've just got to learn and observe."

Cillian and co-star Sigourney Weaver play academics who investigate paranormal activity in the film, while Robert plays a world-famous psychic.

"I'd be in the sceptic camp for sure as regards that stuff. but I was pretty OK, given the character. Certainly when we meet him, he is very much in the sceptic camp too," Cillian said.

"I'm open, if someone proves to me that there is something else or people have these skills, but so far I haven't seen enough proof."

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  • Cillian Murphy: Robert De Niro was 'sweet and warm'

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