Agyness Deyn: from model to actress

Friday June 14, 2013

British model Agyness Deyn, 30, is set to play an epileptic in a new British indie drama Electricity, directed by Bryn Higgins.

The aspiring actress is taking on her first leading role in the film adaptation of Ray Robinson's award-winning novel about epileptic Lily O'Connor who forced to leave her small seaside town in search for her long lost brother.

The character’s epilepsy brings on vivid hallucinations which the audience will see through her eyes.

"I love Lily's journey, she is a survivor. Her strength and her ability to live in the present really drew me to her. She is a delight to discover and she's teaching me a lot," said the recently married model.

The film will also feature Being Human's Lenora Crichlow, Cemetery Junction's Christian Cooke, The Sweeney's Paul Anderson and Sightseers star Alice Lowe.

Previously Agyness has played Aphrodite in Clash of the Titans and Flo in Pusher. She has also recently signed up for another female lead in Terance Davies' film adaptation of the gritty period novel Sunset Song.

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  • Agyness Deyn: from model to actress

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