'Fly to Australia with Travolta': Oprah's biggest gift yet

Tuesday September 14, 2010

Audience members hug and scream with delight as chat show host Oprah invites them on a trip to Australia – with John Travolta as pilot.

The dramatic gesture was to celebrate the last series of her iconic programme – which is ending on September 9, 2011 after a 25-year run.

On Monday's show confetti streamed down and the set was transformed into an airport, complete with a plane.

Later John Travolta – who has a hangar of planes at home and is an ambassador for Qantas – emerged from the jet. It was revealed he will be the pilot.

The queen of the couch told spectators: "This is really my last chance to do something really big.

"Maybe I should take all of you with me to the other side of the world ...

"We're going to Australia!

"We are going to Australia! You and you and you and you, are going to Australia!"

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  • 'Fly to Australia with Travolta': Oprah's biggest gift yet

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